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ADvantage Program

The ADvantage Waiver Program is for adults over 21 who have physical disabilities without intellectual disabilities/cognitive impairments. Paid for by Medicaid ADvantage Waiver

ADvantage Services

  • Case Management

  • Transitional Case Management

  • Advantage Personal Care

  • Advanced Supportive/Restorative care

  • Skilled nursing – Home Health Setting

  • RN Assessment Evaluation

  • In-home Respite (2-7 hours)

  • In-Home Expended Respite (8+ hours)

  • Hospice

To be eligible for the ADvantage Waiver Program, a person must:

  • Qualify financially for SoonerCare

  • Be 65 years of age or be a disabled adult as determined by the Social Security Administration

  • Be determined to meet the nursing facility institutional level of care by Aging Services Division

  • Not have a diagnosis of intellectual disabilities or have a cognitive impairment

  • Reside in his or her own home or a family member’s home

  • Have needs that can be safely met with waiver services and family or community supports

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One of our trained professionals can help assist you in determining eligibility for the ADvantage Waiver Program.

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